Sunday, April 27, 2008


I opened my new shop at Ruby Lane and I've been working hard listing, listing listing!

I have great hopes for this new endeavor although I'm certain it will take some time to establish myself which is always the case.

I'm also looking into taking a class in Dicrhoic glass bead making. I love the idea of making my own beads again. Years ago I made jewelry pendants using polymer and I enjoyed that also but don't really have the interest to return to that at the present. As I'm using so much glass in work lately, it will be wonderful to be hands on with the entire creative process.

I've been making tons of nw jewelry lately and it's hard to keep up with photographing all of my work. From time to time I add a new piece on my Flkr site: The best place to find my new work lately though is at Ruby Lane.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Althea is a silk painter and assemblage artist , whose work speaks to me not only because of its beauty and fine workmanship but because of its spiritual themes. Her work celebrates the ancient goddesses, Ghandi and Chagall and incorporates elements from ancient architecture and prehistoric pictographs among other influences. Her palette is soft with blues and earth colors and touches of gold and bronze. Her work transports the viewer to a time when the dream was reality and reality as we know it now, but a dream.

She has two stores at ETSY: where you will find silk hangings, scarves and assemblage, and, where you will find jewelry, cards, aceos and silk purses.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some of my jewelry...........

These and other pieces can be viewed at my new shop at Ruby Lane as soon as my new shop opens.

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